Summer 2014

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From the Editor’s Desktop

The Boom List: | Boom Staff
Things to read, see, and do this summer in California

What’s the Matter with San Francisco? | Eve Bachrach and Jon Christensen
We’re not arguing about what really matters

The Boom Interview | Rebecca Solnit
My imperiled city

Clement Street | David Lee
A transect of change

We Out Here | Rian Dundon

The Death of the City? | Rachel Brahinsky
Reports of San Francisco’s demise have been greatly exaggerated

Stop the Presses | Boom Staff
Broadsides from the frontlines of gentrification

Mapping Our Disconnect | Kristin Miller
On the transit system we have, not the one we might have had, or wish we had

Mapping What Is | Stamen Design
And what could be?

Living in a Fool’s Paradise | Mark Hogan
San Francisco must change

Who You Calling a Techie? | Leah Reich
Fear and loathing in boomtown

Die [Fill in the Blank] Scum | Annie Powers
A short history

Shaping the City from Below | Chris Carlsson
San Francisco’s history offers lessons for the future

Boom and Bust and What Comes Next | Celia and Peter Wiley
The view from our window

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