Fall 2013



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The Boom List | Boom Staff
What to do, see, hear, and read this fall in California

Forget it, Jake | William Deverell and Tom Sitton
Searching for the truth in Chinatown

Villain and Visionary | Eve Bachrach
Why we can’t agree on William Mulholland

How It Works | Chris Plakos
The Los Angeles Aqueduct

Opening Up the Archives | Sara V. Torres
A new digital platform for LA Aqueduct history

All Along the Aqueduct | Chad Ress

There it is. Take it. | David L. Ulin
Mulholland gave LA water and a motto to live by

Camera Obscura | William Fox
A photographic history of the LA Aqueduct

Owens Valley and the Aqueduct | Kim Stringfellow

The Boom Interview | Ron Nichols
Water and power

Learning from the LA Aqueduct | Michael Hiltzik
It’s getting harder to sell the future in California

Mono Craters and June Lake | Valerie P. Cohen
Excerpts from A Summer Journal

Owens Valley and the Public Trust | Graham Chisholm
Remaking a place for nature

The Myth of a Desert Metropolis | Glen M. MacDonald
Los Angeles was not built in a desert, but are we making it one?

Pivot: Reconceiving Water Scarcity as Design Opportunity | Hadley and Peter Arnold
Mapping a more absorbent landscape

For a New California Water Atlas | Chacha Sikes
A twenty-first-century manifesto

How We Learned to Love Los Angeles | Bob and Rob Sipchen
But not stop worrying

A Road Trip Along the Aqueduct in 1915 | Annie Powers
From the Huntington Library archives

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